Demartini Facilitator

Have a problem or challenge with a specific issue in your life? Often our perceptions are lopsided and we are not even aware of it. Let me help you equilibrate your mind through applying the Demartini method and transcend your state of being into one that is filled with gratitude, inspiration and inner peace.

Once your mind is in a balanced state, you are able to operate and function from a place of power , rather than a polarised state which often leads to the A, B, C’s of negativity. Anger & Aggression, Blame & Betrayal , Criticism & Challenge.

I consult via Skype or in Cape Town . Please email me to make an appointment at

Make Over Magic

Feel like a change? Perhaps have a desire to improve your physical appearance, but not sure how? Looking to boost your confidence? M.O.M is a very casual , yet fun and transforming experience. Although it mainly focusses on the physical appearance, it often assists in a shift energetically.

With my extensive and vast experience in the beauty and fashion industry , I team up with a group of industry experts that will transform the way you look.

I am a firm believer of passing on knowledge and it truly feeds my soul to make people feel beautiful. This does not take away from my opinion that one needs to feel beautiful from within, but there is a time and place where a little “outer” make over can give you the nudge in the right direction.

This service ranges from a one hour consult to a full day make-over (photographic shoot optional). I will share my insight & network of industry experts with you whilst working within your budget to create a brand new look for you.

Please email me at

Public Talks

Looking to empower, encourage or motivate a group of women in the corporate, social or public sphere?

My talks are lighthearted, inspirational, fun and interactive. I focus mainly on women and girls .

Please get in touch should you want to book me for a talk. Email: